Dell Inspiron 9 910 Mini STEC SSD Reset Service



Has your dell mini 910 notebook started developing error or start up problems, are you getting blue screen error or operating system not found

This is a common problem with the stec 0D154H 0X422G 0U818M ssd hard drives which is installed in the dell notebooks.

If you are getting any of the following hard drive errors it could mean that your hard drive requires resetting (requiring original factory firmware resetting)

Some symptoms

  • Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt
  • Disk read error
  • Disk not recognized
  • Operating system not found
  • Unmountable boot volume
  • Hardrive showing 0mb in bios settings
  • Disk read errors when formatting
  • Not possible to format the drive

and There are a large range of other disk errors which are not mentioned.

Before throwing it away in the bin give us a try, 8gb ssd drive can cost over £30 for a used item, so it can be very costly to replace.

We can reset all stec 0D154H X422G U818M Models from 8gb to 64gb

You will have to remove and send the drive to us if you require this service. Please see below for further detail in Additional infomation down below


PLEASE NOTE All data is unrecoverable and will be completely erased off the drive, AND you will have to install everything again from scratch as we do not install the operating system on the drive for you

However there are a few drives which cannot be reset,
Please check below before you send it
  • SSD Hardrives with passwords will not be reset
  • If you have installed unknown firmware & the drive is corrupt its not possible to repair or reset it.
  • SMART failure predicted on hard disk 0: STEC PATA 8GB-(PM)  & asks to press F1 to continue, This Cannot be reset or repaired
  • Physicaly damaged--Turn notebook on & start-up screen stuck for a period of time & once into bios it show ssd drive as none
  • 4GB SSD drives

just remove your old drive from inside the back of the notebook and replace with this one.(two screws for the cover & two screws for the drive) further information on how-to is in the link below:

Next Step

Send the drive to us, Full Payment is only required after we have confirmed repair to your drive

if for some unknown reason we cannot fix your drive we will post it back (Free of charge) part of NO FIX NO Charge Policy
  1. Just post the ssd to us after contacting us first
  2. Once we have received your drive, we will try to reset it
  3. We contact you & tell you
  4. If successful you pay £15.00 GBP
  5. We post it back to you the same day we get your payment if its before 3pm